Elevate Your Deepfake Detection 

PeakMetrics and Reality Defender are teaming up to help you combat digital deception and deepfakes at scale.

In an age where digital authenticity is increasingly vulnerable, PeakMetrics, the premier provider of AI-driven narrative intelligence, and Reality Defender, a leading cybersecurity company specializing in detecting deepfakes and AI-generated media, have partnered to provide an unmatched solution in safeguarding against digital deception.

Protect against deepfakes, fraud, scams, and impersonation with our joint offering for brands and executives.

What you'll get:

  Real-time Detection: Identify manipulated content and deepfakes as they emerge, enabling swift response to potential threats.

  Narrative Context: Discover detailed analysis and insights into how deepfakes are being used within broader online narratives and potentially affecting brand reputation and public perception.

  Comprehensive Coverage: Scan a vast array of digital channels, including social media, news outlets, and obscure corners of the deep web, to identify and respond to deepfakes wherever they appear.

  Customizable Alerts: Tailor our alert system to your specific needs, such as brand impersonation, impersonation of executives, fraudulent brand use, or manipulation of marketing materials.

  Strategic Support: Protect your integrity with expert guidance for mitigating the impact of detected deepfakes, from public relations strategies to legal recourse.

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