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Understand What Matters

Trusted by communications professionals globally, PeakMetrics seamlessly integrates with your data pipeline, transforming chaotic mentions into executive-level reports and actionable response plans. We eliminate manual data processing delays, and allow you to anticipate threats before they escalate or seize opportunities before they slip away.

What Makes PeakMetrics Different? 

ML Narrative Identification & Summarization: Integrate PeakMetrics with your current data pipeline to identify emerging narratives and summarize the conversations that matter.

AI-Driven Threat Alerts: Differentiate between mere smoke and fire with our threat scoring and alert system.

AI-Generated Reports: Make decisions quickly with AI-driven reports, key talking points, and tailored response recommendations. 

Data Enriched With Context: Understand narrative sentiment, top authors, source credibility, and more.

Expert Support: Rely on our subject matter experts for in-depth analysis and remediation support.


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